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Stijn Gansemans
Geschreven door Stijn Gansemans
28 juni 2019


Op verzoek van PUB schreef Stijn Gansemans, Creative Partner bij Dallas Antwerp, een column in de vorm van een radioscript naar aanleiding van zijn bezoek aan Cannes voor de Cannes Lions 2019. 


SFX: Epic soundtrack.

VO (dramatic): Inclusivity. Equality. Accessibility. Black. Disabled.

Transgender. Women. Everybody. Anybody. Nobody. Conversations. Dialogue. Relations. Togethernessness. Community. Connectivity. Collaboration. Purpose. Power. People. Participation. Playbook. Possibilities. 3D. 5G. 4-stepguide. AR/VR. Brands. Unlocking. Artificial. Socially-charged. Influencers. Creating. Globally. Augmented. Storydoing. Break. Breathe…


SFX: Silence.

VO (more dramatic): Virtual. Disruptive. Limitless. Categories. Sustainable. Development.

Goals. Lions. Captivate. Nextgen. Change. Humans. Fundraising. Good. Planet. Home. Happy. Supercharged. CLX. Contact. Learn. Experience. Eyetracking. Mindblowing. Brainsmashing. Deepfake. Deeplearning. Deepdive. Immersive. Interactive. Intermultinational. Intersectionality. Unstereotyping. Bingeworthy. Demystification. Worldwide. Marketing. Executive. Powerpoint. Keyword. Bullshit.

SFX: Soundtrack orgasm, helicopters, explosions… followed by silence.

VO (neutral): And some excellent work for BurgerKing, NewYorkTimes, Hulu, SAS
and Skittles.

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